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Campaign guide

Site Stats may be used to measure your online campaigns.

Setting up your online campaigns

The Site Stats system will automatically measure any web page URL that includes "?campaign=NAME" as web traffic coming from an online campaign. Just replace NAME with your campaign names, such as "adwords", "overture", "looksmart", etc. For example you should tell Google™ Adwords™ to send traffic to:

...where "" is replaced with your web site URL. Please note that you should set up these custom URL's with your campaign providers, not in the Site Stats system.

Setting up other campaign pages

In addition to using customized query strings, you may also enter a list of campaign pages in your web site settings. These are the pages that are displayed to web users when they enter your site from an online campaign. For example, this web site welcomes new Google™ visitors with a page called "referrer/google.php" so we include this page in our list of campaign pages. Please note that these pages must be entered exactly as they appear in your "Most popular pages" report otherwise they will not be measured.

Below are some of the reports you can use to measure your campaigns:

Campaign entry pages

This report lists the number of click-throughs you received from your online campaigns. If you are using pay-per-click services, this is a good way to measure your campaign performance.

Commerce from campaigns

This report lists the number of visits you received that clicked-through from your online campaigns to your commerce pages. This provides an excellent measure of your return on investment (ROI) from online campaigns.

Campaign conversion rates

This report lists the number of click-throughs from your online campaigns, the number of commerce actions, and the percentage of commerce actions to campaign clicks. This percentage is known as a campaign conversion rate. A high campaign conversion rate indicates a successful online campaign.
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