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Commerce guide

Site Stats may be used to account for e-commerce revenue.

Commerce settings

To benefit from e-commerce reporting, you must first enter a list of your commerce pages in your web site settings. These are the pages that are displayed to web users after they have completed commercial transactions.

For example, this web site welcomes new customers with a page called "service/welcome.php" so we include this page in our list of commerce pages. We consider any web user who reads a commerce page to have delivered you some commercial value. The reports below are used to account for this value.

Commerce traffic log

This report shows the visits that your web visitors made to arrive at your commerce pages, and perform commercial actions on your web site. It can help you to understand the quality of your web traffic referrers, such as visits from pay-per-click campaigns and from organic searches.

Commerce referrers report

This report lists the web sites that referred people who made commerce actions. Use this report to see which search engine listings and web site affiliations are delivering the most revenue to your business.

Commerce entry pages report

This report lists the first pages seen by people who made commerce actions. If affiliated web sites contain links to pages on your web site with special names, such as "affiliate1", then this report provides a simple way to measure the revenue they generate. This is because the first pages seen by your web users correspond to the affiliated web sites that referred your customers. These first pages as known as e-commerce entry pages.
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