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Code Inserter guide

To use the Site Stats Code Inserter, follow these 10 simple steps:
  1. If you already have a copy of your web site on your PC, please skip to step 4.

  2. Access your web site files by using an FTP program, web page based interface, or your hosting administrative interface.

    Note: You will need your FTP username and password to access and modify your web site files. If you do not have this information, ask your hosting company or the person who designed your web site. If you have never modified your web pages before, you should down- load an FTP program from (search for "FTP").

  3. Create a copy of the web pages you would like to be tracked by Site Stats in a separate folder. Make a new folder if necessary.

    Note: This is an important step to ensure that if you make an error later on, you have copies of your web pages to replace any that are lost or damaged.

  4. Download and save the Code Inserter Program (size 1.5MB) to your PC desktop.

  5. Double click the program icon on your desktop then click "Next" to install the Code Inserter Program. After you have installed it, click "Start" then choose "Programs" to run the Code Inserter.

    Note: You are now ready to add the required Code to your copied web pages and then to replace these pages on your web site with the ones that have the Code installed.

  6. Click the "Browse..." button then use the drive and folder lists to select the folder in which you saved a copy of your web pages. Be sure to double click on your selected folder, then click "OK".

  7. Click "Next" to move to the next step - a list of your web pages. Select the web pages you want to modify, then click "Next" again.

  8. Enter your web site number (your unique 5 digit web site identifier) in the empty text box, then choose a web protocol. For most web sites this should be "Normal". Select whether you wish to insert or remove the Code in your files.

  9. Click "Next" to modify the Code in each of the web pages you selected in the previous step, then click "Close" to finish.

  10. Use your FTP program (or other web site interface) to upload the changed pages to your web site.

    Note: Now your web site will contain your tracking Code, enabling Site Stats to collect and compile detailed reports about your web traffic!

This program should only be used by registered Site Stats users who have received a web site number. To become a registered Site Stats user, please sign up for a free trial.

Backing up your web pages

Although we have never experienced any problems, we recommend that all users backup their web pages before running the Site Stats Code Inserter program. To backup your web pages, simply copy your HTML files to a backup directory. We accept no liability for any loss of or damage to your data.
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