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How Site Stats works

Site Stats is a hosted web activity tracking solution.

Here's what this means:

  • Hosted - the service is provided by our computers and databases
  • Web activity - people around the world reading your web site
  • Tracking - we capture web activity data in our stats databases
  • Solution - we deliver real-time and weekly web traffic reports to you
To use Site Stats, you need to:
  1. Sign up for a two week free trial
  2. Install 2 lines of HTML in your web pages
To make installation easy, we provide PC software to help you for free. Once you have installed our HTML tracking code in your web pages, Site Statswill collect data every time someone visits your site. We use this data to provide you with detailed real-time, weekly and monthly web traffic reports.

This method of capturing web activity provides you with many features and benefits >>

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